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Baldor Mobile Light Tower PL6000K

Baldor's Mobile Light Tower PL6000K is one of two  Baldor Mobile Light Tower PL6000Kmodels offered in Baldor’s popular Pow’R Lite Light Towers series.  The Mobile Light Tower PL6000K is a 6kW generator powered by a 1800 RMP, liquid-cooled, diesel, engine made by Kubota.  Several other key features found on the Mobile Light Towers PL600K include the following:

  • Four, 1000 watt, elliptical-shaped, lights which have been found to be more efficient than conventional round lights. 
  • Lights supported on both ends to increase durability and work life.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum enclosure which is resistant to the elements and corrosion.
  • Extended, rotating, light tower which extends 30" and rotates 360 degrees.
  • Fifty gallon fuel tank offers 100+ workable hours.
  • Removable fender and side panels allow for quick and easy service access.
  • Zinc-plated outriggers and mast.
  • Three convenience outlets of 2000 watts, 120 VAC and 240 VAC.
  • Shutdown protection for low oil and high temperature.
  • Dual forklift pockets for easy lifting.
  • Compact tailoring with a four section mast.

The versatile Mobile Light Towers PL6000K is a power solution used in a variety of applications such as industrial, event lighting, construction, emergency, civil engineering and mining.  Whatever your application, you can count on the Mobile Light  Tower PL6000K to meet your mobile power needs!

About the Kubota Engine

Baldor's Mobile Light Tower PL6000K features a liquid-cooled, diesel, engine manufactured by Kubota.  As any power generator expert can tell you, one of the most important components of your generator is the engine, and it's of utmost importance to know that your generator has a reliable engine you can trust. 

Kubota has developed a reputation as one of the top diesel engine manufacturers in the world.  This reputation has been built on their tireless approach to the research and development of engines which are cleaner, more fuel efficient and still compact.   Kubota engines surpass the requirements of many industries and are commonly used in agricultural, construction, and industrial generator applications.  Kubota is a name that you can trust for state-of-the-art reliability.

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